Auto News for Feb. 22 – Good Gas News

 Gas prices are stable for the most part, according to AAA. The average price per gallon nationwide is $2.28 a gallon about where it was a week earlier. “Prices continue to remain flat due to lower driving demand and an oversupplied market as a result of increased U.S. production. As refinery maintenance season begins and driving demand increases, we could expect to see some of the gasoline supply in the U.S. soaked up,” AAA said.

 The auto club also said drivers paid an estimated $15.4 billion to repair rust on their vehicles over the past five years caused by de-icing methods used by various states. Rust can cause serious safety issues by impacting brake lines, exhaust systems, fuel tanks and electrical connections. What to do? If you live in one of the wintertime areas, AAA recommends you get your car washed regularly at a facility that will clean the undercarriage. Another idea, if you can, is to limit driving immediately before, during and after winter storms when salt and de-icing are at their highest concentrations.

 Fans of the old “Dukes of Hazzard” TV show remember their car, the “General Lee” taking some spectacular jumps while evading the sheriff. Now there are plans to re-create that jump on the streets of Detroit to promote an auto show at Cobo Hall. A replica of the boy’s ’69 Dodge Charger will drive off a 15-foot high ramp and soar 30 feet into the air, according to the Detroit Free Press. Daisy and Luke, Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat, are scheduled to appear at the Autorama show.