Auto News for July 12 – Fusion name may live on – Corvette vs. McLaren

 The Detroit News reports this morning that Ford may keep the Fusion name when it discards the sedan early next decade for a sport wagon directly aimed at the Subaru Outback. It is said to be a high roofed hatchback that may be mounted on the current Fusion’s chassis. The paper cited unnamed officials familiar with the automaker’s future plans.

 If you are a fan of high performance cars, you might want to click on the paper’s website for a comparison of the Corvette ZR1 and the McLaren 720S.

 Top officials at VW in Germany are considering possible production of an electric Beetle that would also be a four door! Britain’s auto magazine, Autocar, said it would share VW’s MEB electric vehicle platform and that is big enough to allow the four door model. And the magazine said production of the gas powered two door Beetle will end next year.

 Rolls-Royce closed its main office and manufacturing plant early to allow workers to watch England’s key game in the World Cup competition. One official said closing down “means a large group of people… have the chance to watch the game and share in the sense of national pride that comes with this great occasion.”

 Unfortunately, as you may know, England lost to Croatia 2-1.



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