Auto News for May 30


 Nissan will cut back production by as much as 20 percent according to the Detroit News, citing a report in a Japanese newspaper. The move is related to sagging auto sales. A company spokesman declined comment. Nissan has two plants in the U.S., in Tennessee and Mississippi.

 Fiat Chrysler will announce its plans for the next five years during a day-long briefing at its proving grounds in Italy on Friday. Various reports give no hint as to what this might entail for production here in the U.S. with more speculation focused on European plants and the elimination of some models. Stay tuned.

 Over the long holiday weekend, the national gas price average has held steady for five days at $2.97, signaling that prices may be stabilizing as we head into June. This development comes as crude oil prices start to fall following some of the highest prices in three years, said AAA.

 Yet three states have been added to the list of those with a gas price average of $3 or more. Four states are said to be pennies away from joining that list.  

 The Center for Auto Safety and Consumer Watchdog called on the California Department of Motor Vehicles today to investigate what the groups call deceptive marketing practices and representations made by Tesla.

 The two groups allege that statements by Tesla and Chairman Elon Musk violate the state’s newly enacted Autonomous Vehicle Regulations. Those rules say a company cannot make statements leading people to believe a vehicle is autonomous when it does not meet the definition of autonomous vehicle spelled out in the regulations, which took effect earlier this year.

 The groups’ call for action came one day after a Tesla in Autopilot crashed into an unoccupied police car in Laguna Beach. The Tesla driver suffered minor injuries, but refused transportation to the hospital.

 Tesla has said the Autopilot should not be used as a fully autonomous feature, but Musk has predicted it can reduce accidents by a factor of 10.

 Mazda has now cranked out 50 million vehicles in Japan. The milestone was reached 86 years and seven months after Mazda produced its first three-wheeled truck in late 1931.

 Honda has now been making lawn mowers for 40 years.

 Congratulations to Michael Cole for being named Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at Kia Motors America. He will report directly to Kia’s president and CEO.

 Augmented reality is coming to U.S. car repairs for the first time at scale as Porsche starts rolling out “Tech Live Look” at its 189 dealers. The system connects dealership technicians to remote experts via smart glasses for a live interaction that can shorten service resolution times by up to 40 percent. It will to allow remote experts hundreds of miles away to see what a service technician is seeing and provide feedback while the tech works hands-free.

 Thinking about buying a Nissan Z car? Prices for the 2019 370Z entry level coupe and the Roadster models will remain unchanged at $29,990 and $41,820.





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