Auto News for Feb. 27 – Gas prices lower, but that will change.

 Gas prices continue to go down with the national average now at $2.52 a gallon, the cheapest pump price seen this month, according to AAA. But the decline this week was only a penny, and the auto club said it does not expect the trend of lower prices to continue as we near the Spring driving season. 

 Aston Martin is reporting its highest unit sales in nine years driven by the DB11 making the fourth quarter the strongest in the group’s history. It said rising demand in North America aided the strong showing. Looking ahead, Aston is predicting further improvement this year with the launch of the DB11 Volante, new Vantage and Vanquish replacement.

Aston Martin

 The DB11 is pictured.

 Jaguar will introduce its first all-electric vehicle, the I-PACE, on social media on March first, ahead of its formal introduction at the Geneva show on March 6th. It said “thousands of prospective customers” have already indicated they want one. Full pricing and specifications will be announced following the Geneva introduction.

 “The all-electric I-PACE is not only a pioneer within our business, it promises to revolutionize the industry.  Never before have I been so excited for a launch – the world is watching with great anticipation and I cannot wait for the world to see everything we have achieved with this car,” said Director of Design, Ian Callum.

Jaguar PACE family

Jaguar released the overhead photo of the PACE family.

You can watch the reveal March 1 at 5PM Eastern:

 A study in Great Britain shows that important safety features such as automatic braking, lane keeping assistance and blind spot warning, are “significantly” increasing the cost of car repair bills. The sensors are “often housed in vulnerable areas of the car,” such as behind bumpers, and are causing a steep increase in the cost of replacing traditionally cheaper parts sometimes by as much as 123%.  

  Steve Huntingford, editor of Britain’s What Car?, said: “The advanced active safety technology available on modern cars has undoubtedly helped to reduce accidents and save lives. However, in future we need improved housings for these systems and sensors that can recalibrate themselves.”

 Presumably, the same cost differences are relevant here in the U.S.







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