Auto News for Aug. 30 – Electric Mini Coming!


 Mini has unveiled an electric concept car to “showcase its take on future personal mobility in the city” and announced it will introduce an all-electric production model in 2019. It will follow the electric MINI E unveiled as a field test car back in 2008 and the plug-in hybrid drive Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 presented in the spring of 2017. In the future, all electrified products from the MINI brand will be grouped together under the “MINI Electric” banner. The concept will make its debut at the Frankfurt auto show next month.

 Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the average price of gas nationwide rose four cents to $2.37 a gallon one of the largest one week price surges seen this summer, according to the AAA.  About one quarter of oil refining capacity in the Gulf Coast had been taken offline, according to forecasts by Oil Price Information Service.

 Over the weekend, Valero reported its facilities in Corpus Christi and Three Rivers sustained “substantial refinery impacts” and the company is evaluating infrastructure needs to determine when the refineries can resume operations. Some analysts are forecasting a gas price increase of 10 to 20 cents a gallon, while others see even bigger price hikes.

 Experts say the huge hurricane will also impact August auto sales to the tune of 20,000 to 40,000 vehicles according to Cox Automotive. Houston is one the nation’s top ten auto markets and hundreds of auto dealers have been affected by the high winds and unprecedented rain fall. The Detroit News said dealers may have to wait for weeks to fully determine the damage to their properties.


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