Auto News for Aug. 28 – VW Milestone & and Impreza Convertible

150- million 1 

 A Volkswagen milestone! The 150 millionth VW left the assembly line in Wolfsburg, Germany today. Golfs and Beetles and what have you are now being manufactured at over 50 production sites in 14 countries. A blue Golf GTE hybrid was the anniversary car.

 This year Volkswagen is launching over 10 new models worldwide and promising 19 new SUVs in total by 2020.   And it said one million electric Volkswagens are to hit the road by 2025.

 It all began on December 27, 1945 with the Type 1 Käfer. In the post-war era, it was the Volkswagen Beetle that initially shaped the automobile industry. (I have owned a few. Anyone remember the Sun Bug?)

Snow tunnel race

 It was sled dog versus Land Rover racing in an underground snow tunnel in Finland. The maker of off roaders took the husky dogs to the tunnel to help prepare them for winter championship races. The undulating tunnel is carved into bedrock 115 feet below ground level and kept at a constant 2 degrees below freezing. The Land Rover won the race, but what observers said was a “dog’s hair.”

Aston Martin DB 11

 Aston Martin has been turning out some world class performance cars of late, and it’s making money doing so. Today it reported a 94 percent increase in revenues on rising demand for the DB11. That reverses the loss Aston reported in the first six months of last year. During the second quarter, Aston Martin launched the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 variant of the DB11, which combines a top speed of 187 mph with the most fuel efficient powertrain on offer by the company. It also announced plans for its first all-electric, zero-emission model: the limited-edition RapidE set to begin production in 2019.

 As you may have heard gas prices are expected to rise due to Hurricane Harvey shutting down one-fifth of the nation’s production. Gas futures rose Sunday and Monday in electronic trading, according to CNBC. Experts think it will be a week or two before we see the increases at our local stations and some experts think prices may go up between 7 and 15 cents a gallon.


 Ever want to own a Subaru Impreza convertible? A what you may ask? Well there is one for sale at the Subaru dealer in Manchester, N.H. A plaque shows the one off conversion was completed by Newport Specialty Cars of California back in 2011. Various reports say this company has a reputation of high quality work. With just over 9,000 miles on it, the car is listed for $26,967. Might be just the thing for a trip through the White Mountain foliage.  







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