Auto News for Aug. 11 – Hot New Camaro!!!!


 Here is a shot of the hot Camaro ZL1 that will compete in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. The ZL1 will make its competition debut next February during Daytona Speedweeks. Rick Hendrick took possession of production number one in Detroit yesterday – he of Hendrick Motorsports, of course.

 And take a gander at the refreshed 2018 Acura RLX that will have its coming out party at the Monterey Automotive Week starting next Tuesday. Eye catching is the “Signature Diamond Pentagon grille” that displays a “new Acura design direction.” Also new for 2018 is a 10-speed transmission, redesigned hood and LED taillights. Inside are fresh front seats and a feature called Traffic Jam Assist. It is said to reduce driver stress in highly congested traffic situations by helping keep the vehicle in its lane and a set interval behind a car detected ahead. Look for the 2018 to appear in showrooms in November.

 Do you do this? Ninety percent of UK drivers choose which service station to stop at based on their favorite fast food outlet. But sixty-four percent of motorists said the cleanliness of the bathrooms is at the top of their wish list. Even on a long trip seven out of ten motorists surveyed said they only take a break from driving to use the rest room. In this neck of the woods, I admit to being a fan of Sheets.

 Interesting quote in the September Car and Driver regarding the increasing use of touch screens to govern virtually everything, including ventilation, in new vehicles. It is betting that within a decade someone will be marketing a dial that adjusts the ventilation as “a radical innovation.”

 At the risk of being old fashioned, I still find it much less distracting to reach out for a knob while driving then trying to punch an tiny icon on a touchscreen.