Auto News for Aug. 9 – Nissan/Takata Settlement

Nissan logo
If a court approves, Nissan will pay $97.7 million to settle with owners of cars that have defective Takata airbags, according to the Detroit News. The money would cover owner expenses incurred during service, including the cost of a rental. Further, an outreach program will be instituted to get the Takata airbags removed from an estimated 4.4 million vehicles.

Rack this one up to the old law of supply and demand. Gasoline demand reached a new weekly record according to the AAA, so the price of petrol rose three cents in the last week to a national average of $2.35 a gallon. With summer demand running full steam ahead, drivers can expect prices to continue rising, the auto club said. South Carolina and Mississippi have the lowest prices, while Missouri and Iowa recorded the biggest price increases in the past week with Missouri up 9 cents a gallon.

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible

They only make up a small share of the market, yet in some states consumers love their convertibles. said Nebraska, New Mexico, Connecticut, New York, and Hawaii are the most drop top loving states. No surprise that North Dakota and Alaska were among those least interested in convertibles, but Kansas actually led the list. California and Florida residents also wanted lots of rays when they drive. (Shocking)!



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