Auto News for July 19 – Mercedes Pickup Revealed

Weltpremiere neue Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse, Kapstadt, 2017 

 Say hello to the new Mercedes X-Class, the luxury auto maker’s first pickup truck. There are three design and equipment variants to choose from as well as four or six-cylinder engines, rear-wheel drive and or permanent all-wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission and a seven-speed automatic transmission. In addition there are six different seat covers, including two leather variants, three sets of cockpit trim parts and a diverse range of accessories. The high lux midsize X-Class will debut in November, but there is no mention of it being offered here in the states. Mercedes took the wraps off the production model Tuesday in South Africa.

RR Phantom

 Rolls-Royce has released a picture of the eighth edition of the Phantom which will debut on July 27th. Very little information on the new top-of-the-line model has been released. Most early reviews call this a “very evolutionary design.”

 Motor Trend says Ferrari is working behind closed and locked doors on an SUV, believe it or not. Management has a said there is no such thing in the works. Britain’s Autocar magazine said the FUV, quickly let me point out that stands for Ferrari Utility Vehicle, will launch in 2021 with hidden rear doors. I tend to believe Ferrari will launch such a vehicle since its competitors either are either working on a sport ute or have already introduced one.

 Harley Davidson said demand for its motorcycles has slowed and it will cut an unspecified number of jobs to compensate. The company also said profit margins will fall short of projections, as will full year sales. Wall Street took notice – HOG shares were off $3.05 or 5.8 percent at the close on Tuesday.



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