Auto News for July 17 – New tech doesn’t like car washes

Auto News for July 17

 International Carwash Association members say their efforts to clean your car are being thwarted by the car itself. Nearly 40% of wash operators reported problems with start/stop systems and forward collision avoidance technology stopping vehicles in automatic car washes. Sixty percent reported issues with transmissions that will not allow a vehicle to roll in neutral as full service teams work inside and outside to clean the car.

 Procedures for the proper operation of the vehicle are listed in most owner’s manuals but many vehicle owners do not read them or have trouble finding the instructions. Every vehicle manufacturer handles these systems differently so no one approach will cover all cars, the group said.

 The Association is proposing a common approach to the car wash setup and a telematics solution that would inform the car that it is in a wash, automatically set systems to the wash cycle, and notify them when the wash is complete.

 J.D. Power said its measure of used car prices remained flat last month, that new vehicle deliveries were off 3.2 percent, and incentive spending showed a double-digit growth. This month, Power expects used car prices will decline around 6 percent, good news for parents searching for a set of wheels for their kids heading to college.

 Ever want a car painted Helios Yellow or Orange Fury? Those colors are now available in the 2018 Honda Fit that will also add Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The MSRP starts at $16,190 and the EX and above trim level add safety equipment such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Keeping Assist, among other items.

 I could not leave you without showing what Orange Fury looks like.





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