Auto News for July 11 – Gas Prices Increasing

For the first time in five weeks, the national average gas price is increasing, according to AAA. At $2.26, today’s price has been moving higher since July 6 and is three cents more than last week. The moderate price surge follows a week of solid demand growth and a third straight week of gasoline inventory drawdowns across the country.

“Gas prices are still at some of the cheapest prices we’ve seen this year, but consumers should take advantage of them while they can,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “This week, drivers in 31 states are paying more than last week for a gallon of gas. And we expect to see slight price increases throughout July, so now’s the time to hit the road.”

Of the states seeing jumps in gas prices, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky top the charts with double-digit increases. Thirteen states, mostly on the West Coast and in the Rockies, saw prices decrease by pennies. Across the country, consumers can find gas for $2.25 or less at 58 percent of gas stations.

The nation’s top ten least expensive markets are: South Carolina ($1.94), Alabama ($1.96), Mississippi ($1.98), Arkansas ($2.00), Tennessee ($2.01), Oklahoma ($2.01), Missouri ($2.02), Virginia ($2.03), Louisiana ($2.05) and Texas ($2.05).


Perhaps you have not heard of Lucid Motors because one of its prototypes just passed by too quickly. It is an electric car company based in California, and one of its test cars just topped 200 mph at a track in Ohio. You can see a video of the high speed run at:


Yesterday we told you about a steam powered car that made the run up New Hampshire’s very tall Mount Washington auto road. Today we can tell you who won the annual hill climb – Tavis Pastrana at the wheel of a specially prepared Subaru WRX with a time of 5 minutes 44.72 second for those who are precise. That is 24 seconds faster than the previous record also set by a Subaru.


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