Auto News for June 5 – TVR Returns, Big Time!

TVR, the British sports car maker, has announced it will display a new model on September 8th and it will be fast.

 With a 5.0-liter V8 and roughly 400 horsepower, look for a 0-60 time in under four seconds. It is likely to be very light weight, seat two, and top out at 200 mph according to several reports. To make that happen, the car will contain lots of carbon fiber. A limited edition model will appear first and total no more than 500 cars – most have been already spoken for.

 TVR has displayed the car to interested parties but they have been sworn to secrecy. Its debut will mark the firm’s 70th anniversary. A teaser photo has been released, but did you really want to see what the exhaust pipe looks like?

  I have not seen any thumbs up or thumbs down on U.S. availability but it is nothing but good news that this brand of exciting cars is still with us thanks to new ownership.

 It has been almost a decade since TVR produced an automobile.

 Toyota has confirmed that it has sold the 1.43 percent share it owned in Tesla, thus ending an electric car collaboration between the two auto makers. Toyota wants to branch out on its own when it comes to producing all-electric cars.

GAC Motor’s 7-seat SUV GS8 (PRNewsfoto/GAC Motor)

 HMMM. China based auto maker GAC produced a picture of the model it will launch in Qatar and Kuwait. It shows the vehicle surrounded by deep snow. I am not much up on weather conditions in those two countries, but …



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