Auto News for May 5


 Mary-land has outlawed the practice of using a hand held mobile device while driving and offenders face a $300 fine. From what I have observed, this is the most disregarded law on the state’s books.

 It is amazing in this part of the world how many drivers forget to turn their headlights on at night.

 Also amazing. From what I have seen in supermarket parking lots, how many drivers back out of a parking space and never look to see if any pedestrians or big trucks are behind their vehicle. Many drive late models, which makes one wonder if they do not know they have a backup camera.

 New car dealers should be required to explain in easy to understand terms how the safety equipment, audio devices, and touch screens work.

 Disagree? I had a new car owner ask me this week how to turn on the headlights.

 It is still easier to turn a knob to adjust heating/ventilation or an audio system then try to hit an icon on a screen at speed.

 Poor interstate highway design puts drivers at risk. Especially when you have a situation where at merge points motorists are trying to go in three possible directions at 60 mph.

 Don’t get too excited about full self-driving cars and trucks. They are years and years away due to technology constraints, legal matters, and the answer to these questions. Who is liable when the technology fails? And how does the car guide itself on poorly marked roads, snow covered highways and on foggy nights?

 The person who invented the drive-thru at banks, fast food restaurants etc., should have received some kind of prestigious award. Not to forget the inventor of coffee.

 When will people start buying cars again?

 The stick shift is not dead and those who love to drive should rejoice.

 The summer driving season is here, or is coming shortly across the land. Flowers are blooming, baseball is being played, (gladiator style in Boston) and there is little to match the joy of driving a Mazda Miata for a full day over rural roads with the top down. Well, maybe one exception when farmers are, shall we say, “Fertilizing” their fields. (This is a family site.)

 The Hyundai Elantra is a great car with a manual tranny.

 If I hit the Powerball look for a Porsche 911 in the driveway.

 Virtually everything Mazda makes is a fun drive. But sales are lagging of late.

 After years of fighting rust on cars and trucks in winter climes, who thought it would be a good idea of paint new cars and trucks rust color?


 The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 lapped the famed Nordschleife track at the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 12.7 seconds. That is a whopping 12.3 seconds faster than the previous model. A few years ago lap times like this could only ever be achieved by thoroughbred race cars with slick tires.

 Toyota has opened a $154 million expanded R&D facility in York Township, Mich. on the 40th anniversary of its North American research and development operations.

 And this has nothing to do with motoring, but it must be said. Henning Mankell is likely the best mystery writer of modern times.







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