Auto News for March 31 – Your New Steering Wheel

 Honda said its new horn Emojis enables drivers to safely express emotions such as the “Rush Hour” Emojis which “helps share the pain of being stuck in traffic with other drivers.” The “Happy Honda Honk” enables the driver to say ‘hello’ to passersby, while the Dog Emoji is silent to drivers but warns canines of approaching vehicles.

 “Horns have been around for over a century, but little has been done to make these sound-making devices a personal expression of the driver’s emotions like we’re doing with the all-new Honda Odyssey,” said Alice Alerto, the Honda engineer in charge of horn development. “We have exhaustively researched and tested these new Honda Horn Emojis to offer the industry’s most advanced in-vehicle technology in the minivan segment.”

 The extra buttons will be offered as standard equipment on the 2018 Odyssey minivan this spring.

 It is 18 months in prison for a man in Great Britain who, officials said, deliberately crashed a fake Ferrari into a friend’s Audi to collect insurance money. It was determined that car was not a Ferrari but disguised MR-2 Toyota.

 April is National Car Care Month so take your car or truck to lunch – at least once.

 Lexus and Kia deliver the best customer experience of any auto dealers according to a study from Temkin. Lexus took the top spot of the 21 dealers in this year’s ratings earning a score of 77% while Kia came in second with a 74 % score. Chevrolet and Toyota came in third and fourth respectively.

 Temkin asked 10,000 consumers to evaluate their recent experiences across three dimensions: success (can you do what you want to do?), effort (how easy is it to work with the company?), and emotion (how do you feel about the interactions?).



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