Auto News for March 29 – Your Brain & Navi Systems

 Maybe this explains why people drive off the end of a pier when relying on their poor Navi system. A study in Scientific American said using a Navi minimizes the activity of a specific area of the brain. Two regions of the brain are utilized when you are finding your own way.

 Going electric! The famed Harrods department store in London has added an electric van from Nissan to its fleet. But believe it or not this is not Harrods first electric. In 1919, the store used solid tired American Walker electric vans, and later built its own fleet of 60 juiced vans.

 Autocar is asking readers to select the world’s most revolutionary car. The British auto mag said the top three thus far are the Honda NSX, Mazda MX-5, and the VW Golf GTI. The winners will be announced in May.

 Mercedes Benz parent company, Daimler, had some good news for its shareholders – “”Daimler has had a lot of success in its history of more than 130 years, but our company has never been as successful as now,” said   Manfred Bischoff, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Daimler.

 In the first two months of this year, Mercedes sold 351,243 vehicles (retail; +15.6%), said the brand’s leader, Dieter Zetsche. Mercedes posted its 48th record sales month in succession in February primarily due to strong demand for the new E-Class sedan.  

 Looking ahead, MB will add an All-Terrain vehicle, upgrade several models and introduce an all new S-Class.

 There is a new study that shows what words resonate with various consumer groups as they consider a new vehicle. Mentioning “power” struck a chord with several groups, as it helps to describe the experience of driving the vehicle in a relatable way. “Luxury” also stood out in vehicle descriptions that referred directly to luxury vehicles, as well as those that simply had luxury-like features or a luxurious feel, said CDK Global, the backers of the study.

 The word “bigger” did not resonate with women. The word “design” did nothing for Generation-X while “Performance” resonated much more. Most parents felt that both “sound” and “tech” were low priorities. They preferred “Trunk,” “Nice,” and “Leased.”  


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