Auto News for March 21 – Warts & All Owners Love Tesla


 Tesla will discontinue the Model S with the 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack saying most customers were ordering the car with an upgrade – the 75-kilowatt battery pack.

 A new J.D. Power study concludes that Q.C. problems associated with the Tesla Model S and the Model X have little influence on the affection owners have for these cars and the brand. “Spending $100,000 or more on a vehicle that has so many problems usually would have a dramatically negative effect on sales and brand perception. Right now, though, Tesla seems immune from such disenchanted customers,” said Kathleen Rizk, director, global automotive consulting at Power.

 Buyers see themselves as pioneers who enjoy being early adopters of new technology. Yet consumers who buy the lower priced upcoming Model 3 are expected to be less forgiving. “When consumers buy a mass-market car priced around $35,000 that will be their primary mode of transportation, the degree of expectation will increase immensely,” Rizk said. “We’ve seen that with other well-liked brands, whether or not it involves an electric vehicle.”

 Once again, AAA says gas prices have remained stable nationwide in the past week. The average pump price is now $2.29 a gallon. But if that doesn’t seem like a bargain you are correct. Drivers are paying 31 cents more per gallon on average compared to last year, AAA said.

 My eyes are always attracted to headlines that state the obvious. Here is one I just discovered. “Auto Insurance Discounts Are Useful for Saving Money.” Really?





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