Auto News for March 20 – Rockin’ With T-ROC!

 Spring! At Last!

 Volkswagen will add another crossover to its lineup in 2019 when it sends the T-ROC to the U.S., now that dealers have assured the company they will sell enough of them to make the venture profitable, according to Automotive News. Left unanswered for now is where the T-ROC will be assembled.

 Here’s what we know. It will be based on the Golf and roll out on VW’s new MQB platform. Some reports say the T-ROC, which will likely get a new name in the U.S., will make its European debut this summer. In the VW lineup it will fit in behind the Tiguan. Pictured is the concept car that first appeared at the 2014 Geneva show.

 Should there be another step in getting your driver’s license between the learner’s permit and full driving privileges? Backers of a Graduated Driving Licensing System are proposing an intermediate step that would “allow new drivers to build up their skills and experience over a period of time, using clearly marked stages,” said Neil Worth of GEM road safety. He maintains that 16-year old drivers in the U.S. who learned to drive using the graduated approach had 37 percent fewer crashes then those who followed other programs. But this would also include new restrictions on their driving that may not be terribly popular. .

 Dating back to the days of the legendary Colin Chapman Lotus has always produced light weight cars.

 The current Lotus Elite checks in at just 1,849 pounds, but Lotus has found ways to knock off another 90 pounds in the new Elise Sprint special edition. That allows Lotus to use a smaller engine, in this case a 1.6 liter four, good for 134 horsepower and a 0-60 its maker said of just 5.9 seconds. Lotus picked up 20 pounds by adding a lithium-ion battery, carbon fiber race seats reduced weight by 13 pounds and a new wheel design contributed to an 11 pound diet. Unfortunately, Motor Trend said the lightweight will not be available in the U.S. Too bad, since any Lotus is a lot of fun to drive in the realm of basic sports car.








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