Auto News for March 15 – A Fiat pickup & a Buick Wagon!

 Autocar, a veteran British auto magazine, reports Tesla will make a small SUV based on the Model 3 and Model X platforms. Look for the new offering, the Model Y, to sell for about $45,000 and a debut sometime late next year.

 A Fiat pickup that brings back memories of the Subaru Brat? Yes! It is called the Fullback Cross, a more upscale version of a small pickup offered in Europe. It is diesel propelled with either a six speed stick or a five speed automatic. Heated leather seats, automatic climate control, and seven airbags inside. It will go on sale this summer but thus far, no indication that it will invade the U.S. despite the obvious tie to the NFL. My guess they would sell a bunch of them here.

 The rumor mill has it that Buick will halt production of the Regal sedan later this year, and replace it with two Opel models, one of which will be a wagon! Opel debuted the “Sports Tourer Wagon” at the Geneva Auto Show, and Automotive News said it would be the first Buick wagon in 20 years. The other model will be a five-door hatchback. Look for the two new Buicks to debut in Detroit in early April. 

 Magellan has been named the official navigation partner of Jeep Jamboree USA for the second year in a row.

 Mazda is expanding production of the CX-5 to a second plant in Japan. Mazda said it will help the company “respond quickly and flexibly to growing demand for SUV’s globally.”


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