Auto News for Feb. 28 – Takata Settlement & Watch TV Live On the Road

High Front Volvo S90 Mussel Blue

 Just finishing up a week with a Volvo S90 T6 and I can tell you it was one that I would take from Maryland to the other ocean. More in the Saturday Road Test.

 On March 7 at the Geneva Auto Show Volvo will introduce the new XC60 model with “three advanced” driver assistance features. It will provide the driver with automatic steering assistance to avoid an accident when automatic braking alone would not do it. The other two are upgraded Lane Mitigation and Blind Spot Warning. The latter will steer the car back into its own lane and away from a vehicle in the blind spot.   

 A U.S. District court judge has approved a $1 billion dollar settlement in the Takata airbag case saying any larger payment and the company would declare bankruptcy holding up replacement of defective airbag inflators in cars still on the road. Takata will pay, once the company is sold, $850 million to auto companies to cover recall costs. Another $25 million will cover a criminal fine and $125 million goes to compensate those injured by the faulty airbags who have not already settled with Takata. The deal was reached in negotiations with the Justice department. USA Today said a special master will be approved to oversee the compensation fund. Experts believe that the deal will hasten the sale of the company.


 Ford announced this morning that a new rear seat entertainment system in the 2018 Expedition can stream live cable or satellite television. An available Wi-Fi hotspot supports as many as 10 devices at once – up to 50 feet from the vehicle – while an available dual-headrest rear seat entertainment system allows passengers to watch live TV via SlingPlayer on either of two video screens. The system represents the first time SlingPlayer – which connects to a user’s home Slingbox account – is offered in an automobile. Or, “Dear would you drive for a while? I want to climb in the back and watch the big game!”




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