Auto News for Feb. 9 – Rolls-Royce upcoming SUV pictured

  Ever wonder what a Rolls-Royce SUV would look like? For that matter did you ever think they would make one? Britain’s Car magazine has spy shots of the 2018 Roller SUV. Here’s a link:

 BMW design could be very interesting in the months and years ahead. That is because Bimmer has just hired the man who designed the latest Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car in the world. Jozef Kaban will make the leap from Volkswagen group and will go to work on the 3, 5, and 7 Series BMW’s according to Top Gear.


 Tesla’s California plant will be shut down for a week to prepare it for the upcoming Model 3, Tesla’s lower priced model, according to Automotive News. The car company has said production will begin in July. With tax credits, the base model will sell for under $30,000 and Tesla hopes to sell a half million of them in 2018. Given the thousands of consumers who have made refundable deposits on the car, Tesla just might do that.

 Big news out of Great Britain! The Surrey County Cricket Club and Kia have renewed their partnership for three years. (Do I cover the news here, or what?)

 Nissan reported a 15 percent drop in operating profit in its latest quarter. Like others, currency exchange losses were one reason why. Another was increased incentives to buyers.






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