Auto News for Jan. 30 – Diesels aside, VW is world’s best seller

  The best-selling vehicle brand in all the world? Volkswagen. That ended Toyota’s four year run at the top of the list. It sold 10.2 million vehicles around the globe, while VW sold 10.3 million last year. Yet, Automotive News points out that Toyota’s profit was more than double that of its German rival.


 Kia announced that its Super Bowl commercial for the Niro crossover starring Melissa McCarthy will debut Feb. 1 on Facebook Messenger. Check out NiroBot for Messenger. Now if they could just get Tom Brady to drive one on to the field.

 A J.D. Power analyst predicts that about 3-million vehicles will come off their leases this year and “with so many vehicles available in the used market, prices will take a hit.” Power’s vice president of vehicle analysis, Jonathan Banks, added, “In a nutshell, luxury car prices are taking a beating and losing a ton of value in their first three years of use.” This year’s estimated decline would leave wholesale used vehicle prices 9 percent below 2014’s all-time high, and 8 percent above 2007’s pre-recession level, he predicted.

 If it is snowing where you are and this has prompted planning for a nice summer vacation, then you should know that AAA has added 63 restaurants and 120 hotels to it Five Diamond Rating list. Details at:

HMMM, going to investigate this. Just noticed it is snowing outside the office.

 And a London driver received five years and three months in jail after being involved in a high speed accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian, a 21-year-old woman. Police reviewed footage from closed circuit cameras in the area of the Old Bailey but the key items of evidence came from the black box located inside the BMW that struck the woman.



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