Auto News for Dec. 22 – Kia Teases – Uber pulls Self-Driving Cars in S.F.


 One of the more interesting unveilings at the 2017 Detroit show will be a sports car from Kia. The automaker is teasing the event saying the all-new model will have a “fastback silhouette” with “heart-pounding performance with purposeful and progressive design.” In a video, a prototype is shown ringing up a 0-60 in just 5.1 seconds. There is a belief that it could look like the Kia GT concept that is pictured. Stay tuned, we will learn more on January 9th.

 Uber is less alles in San Francisco after the California Department of Motor Vehicles revoked the self-driving cars’ registrations. Uber then pulled the cars from circulation. The DMV said the cars were not properly marked as test vehicles, and the company refused to get a permit to operate them. Some customers have reported the self-drivers violated traffic laws including red light running. Uber may send the cars to another state, or it could apply for the permits.

 While not an auto item, the San Francisco Chronicle notes that one of the craft beer firms in the area is named Seismic Brewing Co. That works!

 Honda has entered into talks with Waymo to “integrate its self-driving technology into Honda vehicles.” If both parties agree, Honda R&D engineers based in California and Japan, would work closely with Waymo engineers based in California and Michigan. Honda previously announced its intention to put production vehicles with automated driving capabilities on highways sometime around 2020 related to its goal of a collision-free society.

 Subaru of America announced that has set its eighth consecutive yearly sales record by selling 582,675 vehicles as of December 21. The company expects to end the year by breaking the 600,000 barrier for the first time with sales in excess of 610,000.

 It is going to be close, very close, yet predicts automakers will sell 17,480,294 vehicles this year and that would be a new record, by less than 5,000. Analyst Jeremy Acevedo said the final week of the year will decide whether 2016 makes automotive history.

  Staycations may be coming to an end. Enterprise, the rental firm, said nearly two-thirds of those in a recent survey are planning a weekend getaway in 2017. So much for staying home and firing up the grill in the old backyard. The survey said a majority will travel more than 150 miles on their trip away from home.

 W. Gerald Flannery has been named interim president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America after the ouster of Dave Zuchowski. Flannery will retain his duties as Chief Legal and Safety Officer. There are reports the folks at headquarters were not happy with Hyundai sales here in the U.S.










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