Auto News for Dec. 9 – Alfa Pricing Announced – Ladies Love Luxury SUV’s


 Alfa Romeo’s Giulia four door sedan will carry a starting price of $37,995 while the very fast, 505 horsepower Giulia Quadrifoglio, will MSRP at $73,595 with delivery factored in. The Giulia will go on sale in January, Alfa said, while the current plan is for the Quadrifoglio to hit showrooms this month. That is the model pictured.

 Luxury SUVs are hot and will, this year, outsell luxury cars for the first time, according to a forecast from Luxury SUVs are on pace to secure a 55 percent share of the market this year, and Edmunds analysts predict this gap will widen further in 2017 to 60 percent.  “Low gas prices, changing consumer tastes and attractive new vehicles are creating the perfect environment for luxury SUV sales to grow,” said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis. Jaguar and Volvo are enjoying the most gains, thanks to the popularity of the F-Pace and XC90. Jaguar’s overall sales were up more than 81 percent through the first three quarters of the year, while Volvo’s overall sales rose almost 26 percent, Edmunds said. And who is buying luxury SUV’s? This market shift is largely being led by women: 57 percent of women who bought a luxury vehicle in 2016 bought an SUV, compared to 49 percent of men.

 If there is more fun to be had in a pickup truck than the Ford Raptor, I have not found it. Here is a look at the large, and not economy size truck that will get your juices boiling quicker than that stop at Starbucks:


 Infiniti took a Q60 to Havana where it became the first U.S.-spec car to be registered in Cuba in 58 years. The automaker’s Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa, was behind the move as he traced his roots back to his parents’ birthplace.



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