Auto News for Dec. 6 – Lots of 9 Speed GM’s coming

Chevrolet’s first nine-speed automatic transmission, the Hydra-Matic 9T50, makes its debut in the 2017 Malibu and will be available in the 2017 Cruze Diesel and 2018 Equinox. The new transmission is designed to optimize efficiency and refinement.

 To improve fuel economy, General Motors announced its new 9-speed transmission will be installed in 10 models by the end of next year. The transmission was a joint project of Ford and GM with engineers saying it can improve fuel economy by up to 2 percent. As least four of the transmissions will be installed in various Chevrolet models.

 The City of Light has become the city of pollution that caused officials to ban about half of the cars that would ply Paris streets on a given day. Those with odd numbered plates were the only cars allowed in the city on Monday with even numbered plates getting the green light yesterday. This after Paris experienced unsafe levels of pollution for five days in a row, according to the BBC. Officials blamed diesels and the weather – a combination of warm days and cold nights that kept the pollution from dispersing. Public transportation was free on the affected days.

 A couple of milestones worth noting. This year marks the centennial of the cloverleaf road intersection, patented by Maryland civil engineer Arthur Dale. The automobile was barely 25 years old when the first cloverleaf appeared. Traffic density and high speeds were not yet problems for the cloverleaf to address, but automotive accidents and frequent breakdowns were. So this year is also the centennial of the invention of the tow truck. Ernest W. Holmes of Chattanooga, Tennessee fitted a Cadillac chassis with booms, cables and hooks to collect stricken vehicles.  His patent came in 1917. Today, around 8,600 towing services attend to breakdowns according to the Census Bureau. Imagine – a Cadillac tow truck!!!!

 The Honda Pilot has been named the best three row SUV on the market in a comparison conducted by Cars.Com, Motor Week, and a family in the market for a new vehicle.  To qualify each vehicle had to cost less than $45,000, including destination fee, and had to have an EPA combined fuel mileage rating of at least 19 mpg. The Pilot was cited for offering “minivan practicality in a SUV body.”   Finishing second was the GMC Acadia, followed by the Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-9, and the Dodge Durango.




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