Auto News for Nov. 30 – New Fiesta Unveiled


 Ford has rolled out a new model of the subcompact Fiesta at its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, in four model trims aimed at a more upscale audience. But officials said details of what will be offered here in the U.S. will come later. The European model will retain the three cylinder engine, but for the first time, will have cylinder deactivation, (just one of them). The Fiesta has been a slow seller of late here, but sales have been stronger in Europe. Ford announced it has made more than a $1 billion profit in Europe this year, well above its target.

The East Liberty Auto Plant led the global production of the all-new 2017 CR-V.

The East Liberty Auto Plant led the global production of the all-new 2017 CR-V.

 Honda has announced pricing for the redesigned CR-V that will go on sale in December. The base price is $24,925, or $200 more than the existing fourth generation model.

 Self-driving cars may still be a way down the road but many people can already foresee the difference they will make to how we travel. In a new Ford-commissioned survey, many Europeans felt time behind the wheel would be better spent catching up with nearest and dearest, gazing out the window, or having a nap. It could even spell the end of the “school-run mum” – as 16 per cent would let kids travel alone. Of 5,000 adults surveyed, 80 per cent look forward to relaxing and enjoying the scenery, 72 per cent will chat on the phone, 64 per cent would have a bite to eat. Books and movies were close behind. On average, European drivers spend up to ten days each year in their cars and a previous survey showed people in major cities find their commute more stressful than their job.

 The major automakers will report on November sales tomorrow and analysts are optimistic to say the least. Many are predicting record sales thanks to two additional selling days this year compared to last. predicts sales will increase 2.7 percent this year.


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