Auto News for Nov. 4 – Cross Country In An Electric?

 Auto News for Nov. 4

 The Department of Transportation is establishing 48 electric vehicle charging corridors across the nation covering nearly 25,000 miles in 35 states. “Drivers can expect either existing or planned charging stations within every 50 miles,” the announcement said. Hence, with care, a cross country trip in an electric vehicle becomes more feasible. Further, 24 state and local governments will partner with the Administration and acquire more electric vehicles in their fleets.

 More vehicles will be equipped with stop/start in the future as automakers strive to meet increased economy figures, according to the Detroit News. It quoted an expert as saying stop/start will be installed on about 65 percent of vehicles in five years. Some will likely offer the driver a way to disable the system.

 The paper also reports the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan will close next month and be converted into office space. Relax car buffs, the 65 historic vehicles displayed there will be preserved and showcased at various events. Your last chance to see the museum will be Dec. 18.

 Let’s hear it for Pennsylvania’s Insurance Commissioner! Teresa Miller reminded drivers in that state that their insurance company cannot add a surcharge to their auto premium for a crash involving a deer. She issued this reminder as a study by a national insurer shows Pennsylvanians are the third most likely to have a deer involved crash in the country. She also warned drivers to be alert for deer, as this is the time of year when auto crashes with deer are most likely to happen.

 Ever hear of “Reflexion Nebula”? Well neither did I until a few minutes ago when I learned it has been named BASF’s Color of the year for vehicles. It is said to transition from blue to gray depending on the viewer’s vantage point.

Ioniq Land Speed Record Car

 A much modified Hyundai Ioniq has set a hybrid land speed record of 157.8 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats. It was helped by what was called a serious blast of nitrous-oxide according to Motor Trend.





One thought on “Auto News for Nov. 4 – Cross Country In An Electric?

  1. Sad to hear of the closing of the Chrysler Museum. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there. Glad that the company is preserving the collection.


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