Auto News for Nov. 3 – Back When We Rode Horses

  I know any  Cubs comment is not auto news, but when a spirit lifting event occurs such as this one it must be noticed. It’s been so long for a Cubbies World Series victory – do you realize how long? In 1908 a long distance radio message was sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time. The first around the world car race began in NYC, and the 46th star was added to our flag representing the state of Oklahoma. It’s been that long and more than worthy of comment. (Heads held high this morning, Cleveland.)

 Also in 1908:

 The Fisher Body company was founded.

 William C. Durant founds the company that became GM

 Henry Ford produces his first Model T ($850)

 Folks still rode horses

 Now to get down to business:


 Ford released its delayed report on sales, and they fell 11.9 percent last month, as demand for its cars continued to decline. The Detroit News said overall industry sales fell 5.8 percent last month. One bright item for the Blue Oval – Lincoln sales rose 6.9 percent.

 Just four percent of Honda owners have taken their rides back to dealers to have their Takata airbags fixed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Officials said owners must realize that lives might be at stake, repairs are free, and they should get their cars fixed. NHTSA may launch a door-to-door effort to find the owners of the 300,000 affected cars. If you do own a Honda, please check with your dealer to find out if your car needs to go in for a most urgent repair.

 The EPA said average fuel economy rose 0.5 mpg last year to 24.8 mpg despite the growing demand for trucks and SUV’s. Since 2011, fuel economy is up 2.4 mpg. Mazda is the most fuel efficient auto manufacturer in the U.S according to EPA. It has the highest fleet wide adjusted fuel economy at 29.6 mpg – the fourth year in a row Mazda has claimed the top spot.

 Automotive News says Volkswagen’s board of directors, known as the supervisory board, will meet Friday to discuss a restructuring of the company. AN also reported VW will pull out of the world rally championship after the 2017 championship in a cost cutting move.


 The first Subaru Impreza to be manufactured in the U.S. has rolled off the line in Lafayette, Indiana. Subaru invested $1.3 billion over four years and hired an additional 1,400 workers in the past year. “In a time when some manufacturers are moving work out of the United States, we’re proud to be bringing Subaru Impreza production to the heartland of America,” said Tom Easterday, Senior Executive Vice President of SIA.

 Build a new SUV and customers will come knocking at your door. Maserati said its new Levante SUV helped kick start U.S. sales 10.8 percent in October.



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