Auto News for Nov. 1 – Auto Sales Update – October Not A Great Month

At General Motors October sales results depended on where you looked at the numbers. Total U.S. sales fell 1.7 percent but retail sales rose 3 percent.

 The company remains optimistic.

 “Key fundamentals like job security, rising personal incomes, low fuel prices and low interest rates continue to provide the environment for a very healthy U.S. auto industry,” said Mustafa Mohatarem, GM’s chief economist. “The U.S. auto industry is well positioned for sales to continue at or near record levels for the foreseeable future.”

2016 Buick Cascada Convertible

 Looking at individual brands, Buick sales were the winner, with a gain of 7.4 percent. Cadillac posted a 9.4 percent drop in sales, while Chevrolet sales were flat, and GMC was down 6.4 percent. (The Buick Cascada is pictured.)

 Ram trucks saved the day at Fiat Chrysler. Overall, sales were down 10 percent but demand for Ram pickups and commercial van sales rose 12 percent. Customers were also attracted to the new Chrysler Pacifica van. But elsewhere in the lineup sales declined. Even previously strong Jeep sales were down 7 percent.(The Ram truck is pictured.)

Ram 1500 Night with Mopar accessories.

 Ford will report sales later this week after an electrical fire at the firm’s Dearborn headquarters knocked out power to a data center.


 Toyota down 8.7 percent

 Nissan down 2.2 percent

 Honda down 4.2 percent

 Volkswagen down 18.5 percent

 Hyundai & Kia each up 1 percent

 Audi up 0.1 percent

 BMW down 18.4 percent

 Mazda down 10.8 percent

 Mercedes down 1 percent

 Subaru up 4.1 percent

 While there were some exceptions, demand for Sport Utility Vehicles and trucks remained strong. Sales of the Acura MDX rose 15 percent, while Toyota Tacoma pickups were hot sellers along with the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Acadia.

 The three top sellers in the market place were the Ford F-Series, Ram, and Chevrolet Silverado. They were followed by the Honda CR-V, Toyota Corolla/Matrix, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV-4, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, with the Nissan Rogue rounding out the top ten.

 Fiat Chrysler’s Alfa brand sold a total of 11 model 4C sports cars last month.






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