Auto News for Oct. 18 – Ford To Idle Some Plants Due To Slow Sales


 Ford will idle two plants in the U.S. and two in Mexico this month due to slowing sales. That will include one of two plants that produce the F-150 pickup, one of the company’s bread and butter products. Closing for a week will be the Louisville plant that produces the Escape and Lincoln MKC and the Kansas City facility that produces the full size pickup. Demand for the F-150 declined 2.6 percent in September.


 That report surfaced as Edmunds reported that truck loyalty has reached a record high and no brand commands better loyalty than Toyota. Truck loyalty – which is defined as the rate of truck trade-ins that went toward the purchase of another truck – was at 74 percent through the first nine months of 2016. By comparison, the next highest loyalty rates were vans at 52 percent and compact SUVs at 47.3 percent. This year’s truck loyalty rate is higher than at any other time since Edmunds started tracking trade-ins in 2005. About 70 percent of owners who have traded in their Toyota pickups for another truck this year opted for yet another Toyota. The rate squeaks past loyalty rates for Chevy truck owners (69.5 percent) and Ram owners (68.1 percent). Toyota’s strong loyalty is primarily attributed to its popular midsize Toyota Tacoma; Edmunds estimates that nearly 75 percent of Tacoma trade-ins this year have gone toward the purchase of another Tacoma.

 Tesla said it announce a new product or service on Wednesday, adding little further information other than it will be something “unexpected by most.” The announcement was originally scheduled for Monday, but got bumped up two days.

 Check out for a picture of the ZR1 Corvette being tested in an urban environment. And it wasn’t alone!



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