Auto News for Oct. 11 – Mustang Production Halted


 Ford is halting production of the Mustang for a week to match production capacity with slowing demand. Mustang sales dropped 32 percent in September, as the Camaro outsold Mustang for the first time in almost two years. Chevy dealers were offering more generous incentives. Workers at the Flat Rock, Michigan Ford plant will be paid during the one week shutdown that will end Oct. 17. As consumers turn their attention to crossovers and SUV’s, sales of both the Mustang and the Camaro have declined this year.


 Canada’s largest auto workers union has reached a tentative contract agreement with Fiat Chrysler, one minute ahead of a strike deadline. The four year proposal must now be ratified by the rank and file. It calls for some major investments in the Brampton Ontario Assembly Plant.

  BMW and Hyundai have two models that ranked highest in overall customer experience with vehicle technology, according to a new study from J.D. Power. Getting the favorable ratings were the BMW 2 series and the 4 series, along with the Hyundai Genesis and Tucson. Collision avoidance had the highest usage and overall satisfaction. In contrast, owners were least satisfied with their navigation systems. “For any technology in a vehicle, it’s critical that the owners want it, are aware they have it and know how to use it,” said Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction & HMI research at J.D. Power. “It is alarming how many technologies consumers have in their vehicle but aren’t using because they don’t know they have them or don’t know how to use them. Both of these knowledge gaps have long-term implications for future demand.” Dealers play a critical role in whether or not a technology is used, J.D. Power said. When the dealer takes the time to explain the technology or provide a demonstration, it not only makes the owner aware they have the technology, but also helps them understand how to use it, which means they are more likely to use it, continue to use it and, because they see the value, want it in their next vehicle. A total of 17,864 vehicle owners were surveyed.

 Ford reported that Lincoln sales nearly tripled in China during the third quarter.



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