Auto News for Sept. 28 – Most Drivers Want Some Control

 Sixty-two percent of those surveyed by Kelly Blue Book do not think they will live to see a world where all vehicles are fully autonomous. Eighty percent believe people should always have the option to drive themselves. The survey was conducted for KBB by the market research firm Vital Findings. Six out of ten admitted they know little or nothing about autonomous vehicles. However … Respondents in the tech-savvy pre-driving Gen Z (12-15 years old) age range are ready to get on board with autonomy and consider themselves the most educated about autonomous vehicles. The majority (67 percent) of pre-driving Gen Z respondents believe they will see fully autonomous vehicles in their lifetime. Overall, more than 2,200 people were surveyed between the ages of 12-64.

 The Paris Auto Show opens to the press tomorrow, and one highlight will be a very futuristic electric concept car from Mercedes. You can see the teaser video at:

 Mercedes was quite tight lipped about any details prior to the show but it is clear from the video this is a concept, and not a production ready vehicle.

 The mayor of Paris has introduced vehicle free days for parts of the city, and is calling for an end to diesel powered vehicles and adoption of more all electric cars and trucks for environmental reasons. GM will display the European version of the upcoming electric, the Chevy Bolt. Volkswagen will show two electrics as it tries to rebuild its image from the ongoing diesel emissions scandal. And how do you feel about a four door Ferrari? It is called the GTC4Lusso, and it will make its debut in Paris sporting a robust 602 horsepower. Should be adequate!

 And this just in: Porsche has confirmed it will display the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. It will deliver a system power of 462 horsepower thanks to a combination of a 2.9-liter V6 with a 100-kW electric motor. The maximum torque of the vehicle is 516 lb.-ft. with an electric range of up to 31 miles.

 Motorcyclist magazine has named the Triumph Street Twin as its 2016 motorcycle of the year.










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