Auto News for Sept. 19 GM Faces Strike Deadline – A Slingshot On the Road!!!

 GM and members of a major Canadian labor union are facing a deadline of midnight Tuesday to come to agreement on a new contract, or face the possibility of a strike. Reuter’s reports one major problem is future production at the GM plant in Oshawa, Ontario. The union is seeking assurance that some future models will be produced there, as GM is close to shutting down one production line. Union agreements with Fiat Chrysler and Ford expire on Monday with GM designated the lead company in negotiations.

 Production of the slow selling Dodge Dart will end this month, according to the Detroit Free Press. Analysts said the Dart was offered in an already crowded market and suffered when consumers turned their attention to SUV’s and crossovers and gas prices fell.  

 Not sure why anyone without a Peterbilt in the driveway would want one, but Automotive News reports Honda has filed with the Patent Office in Japan for a three-clutch, 11- speed transmission. AN said that would be a world’s first but Honda did not disclose what products would receive the new transmission.

 An oasis on the road, Sheetz is one of the 2016 Best Workplaces for Women, according to global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work and Fortune. Sheetz, has been ranked twice on the list, which is based on employees’ assessments of communications with management, options for development and training, and support for work/life balance, among other factors. The ranking also takes into account how well-represented women are within the workforce overall and in management and executive positions.


 Saw my first Polaris Slingshot yesterday when I stopped for a quick sandwich at the bustling Sheets in the small railroad oriented town of Brunswick, Maryland. The three-wheeled motorcycle/roadster is powered by an inline four with 173 horsepower and a 0-60 of about 4.5 seconds. It straddles the line between motorcycle and automobile and seats only two. The owner was grumpy but did say he enjoyed his ride very much. Certainly, it was eye catching.




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