Auto News for Sept. 7 – Many Not Ready For An Electric

Eighty-one percent of those surveyed by ReportLinker said they are not ready yet to buy an electric vehicle, even though 52 percent felt it was a good return on investment. Consumers see several drawbacks to owning an EV, including an underdeveloped recharging infrastructure, price to purchase, and the speed of recharge. Yet the most immediate barrier may be consumer knowledge – many were not familiar with the auto brands that are leading the way on EV development. While not mentioned in the report, there is always the current low price of gasoline to be considered. When gas price rise significantly, for instance, Toyota sees a marked increase in demand for the Prius.

Meanwhile, Experian Automotive said we are borrowing more than ever to buy a new or used vehicle. Between April and the end of June, Americans racked up a total of $1.02 trillion dollars in vehicle loans – the second quarter in a row that total loan volume topped the $1-trillion mark. But Experian said there was only a slight rise in the delinquency rate.


Ford and the NFL have signed a three year agreement making Ford Trucks the official truck of the football league. Fans also can enter the Built Ford Tough Toughest Ticket sweepstakes for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl, plus a 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty customized to showcase their favorite NFL team.

Automotive News said Renault expects diesel engines to disappear from its lineup due to the cost of bringing them into compliance with emission standards.

New car sales in Germany rose 8.3 percent in August with Volkswagen sales rebounding from a 13 percent drop in July to a 16 percent increase last month.


Do you remember the Volvo 121 that was introduced to the world now 60 years ago? On the home front it was called the Amazon but it was spelled Amason prior to its release. In 1959, three-point seatbelts became a standard feature in the car. It is estimated that at least one million lives have been saved by the three-point belt over the course of its 57-year lifetime, Volvo said.



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