Auto News for Sept. 2 – August Sales Leaders

Your humble auto writer is taking the holiday weekend off along with a few million other folks. There will be no Saturday Road Test feature, and the Auto News column will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 6th.

Here are the top five best selling vehicles in August.

Ford F-150

Chevrolet Silverado


Honda CR-V

Toyota RAV4

The top selling cars were:

Toyota Camry

Honda Civic

Toyota Corolla

Honda Accord

The top selling car from the Big Three was the Chevrolet Cruze followed by the Ford Fusion.

Overall auto sales were off 3.5 percent last month. But Porsche late yesterday reported a 3.5 percent sales gain in August, the second best sales month in company history.

A TD Ameritrade study found that Tesla was among the stocks favored by Millennials. But Wall Street is jittery about the Tesla/SolarCity merger and Tesla shares closed down 5.3% Thursday on more than twice its normal trading volume. Traders are concerned about the pace that the company is burning through cash.

Harley-Davidson has completed a redesign of its classic V-Twin engine, for only the eighth time in the company’s history. The new Milwaukee-eight will power Harley’s 2017 touring bikes and trikes. It is the first redesign since 1998. The new one offers a 10 percent gain in torque, handy when you want to skedaddle out of town in a hurry.

The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Volkswagen to begin bargaining with the union representing skilled trade workers at its plant in Chattanooga. Those workers agreed in December to join the United Auto Workers Union. VW has appealed the NLRB decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals.






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