Auto News for August 30 – Get Ready to Bolt!

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet, countering some speculation to the contrary, said it is on track to introduce the electric compact car, the Bolt, later this year. To back that up, Automotive News produced a picture of a “production intent” Bolt at a recent event just north of Detroit. Years ago those were called prototypes. GM has said the Bolt will have a range of more than 200 miles.

Allstate has concluded that when population density is part of the equation, Madison, Wisconsin has the safest drivers. Brownsville, Texas came in second in Allstate’s 12th annual “Best Drivers Report.” Boise, Idaho was third and in a bit of a surprise, New York City was fourth. Milwaukee came in fifth.


BMW has ended production of its Z4 sports car that has been a slow seller here in the states. Motor Trend speculates that this could pave the way for a new sports car coming from the Toyota/BMW joint venture. It may be named the Z5 – “logical” said Mr. Spock.

About 400 engineers will be added to Volvo’s roster to boost development in the areas of safety, autonomous driving and electric vehicles.

A new survey concludes that Mercedes and Infiniti owners are more willing than most to make the switch to self-driving cars, when that technology finally makes it to the marketplace. Jeep and Ram pickup owners are the least likely to make the switch according to MaritzCX study.






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