Auto News for Aug. 29

Cxperience 1 cxperience

A look at tomorrow from an automaker that has, at times, shocked the world with out of the box thinking. Citroen decided it could not wait for next month’s Paris Auto Show to show its concept luxury car called the CXPERIENCE. (Enter your pronunciation here.)

“Citroen is expressing its ambitions in upmarket territory, deploying its ‘Be Different, Feel Good’ promise in this segment,’” the company said.

There are rear-hinged autoclave doors rising to the top of the roof and opening to a 90 degree perpendicular angle.  Inside there is a single-spoke steering wheel, a nod to the brand’s history, and a “floating dashboard” with a three-dimensional appearance.

Rear seat passengers get a mobile tablet that will allow them to adjust the seats and air conditioning while sharing media files with those up front.

There are no outside rear view mirrors that function being given to two discreet side cameras that send images to a dashboard screen. Inside a wide angle HD connected camera records whatever the driver sees, for better or worse.

“The openwork front and rear headrests feature two loudspeakers with integrated bass sound and microphones. These sound bubbles let everybody choose who they want to communicate with. Or simply sit and listen to their own audio program. Each journey can set the scene for either lively discussion or individual relaxation,” said the maker.

A 19-inch screen replaces all of the buttons, switches, and dials typically found on the center console.

The CXPERIENCE is a plug-in hybrid good for 300 hp with an 8-speed electric automatic gearbox. It has an all-electric range of about 40 miles.

Well I could go on, but do check out the video of this amazing new concept, at:

It is well worth a look, including seats that can be removed for outside use hopefully on a better day than the one depicted. Also, did those two people kiss?


VW will cut prices it an effort to revive sagging sales here in the U.S. from the emissions scandal. Autodata said sales are off 14 percent this year.

ChargePoint has opened its 30,000th charging spot on its network, this one in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Charging stations can be found using the company’s app. “The milestone comes as gas stations continue to decline markedly,” said the company.

New vehicle sales are expected to decrease two percent year-over-year when the August figures are released shortly before the Labor Day weekend. GM sales are expected to fall five percent as it continues to reduce rental sales, which are less profitable. KBB said Hyundai/Kia could gain the most market share this month of all major manufacturers.



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