Auto News for Aug. 26 – Auto Sales Expected to Slip Again

Total new-vehicle sales are expected to slip 5.2% this month, according to a forecast by J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. John Humphrey, senior vice president at J.D. Power, said: “Following 66 consecutive months of retail sales growth that began in September 2010, we’ve seen four declines in the past six months, and this much of a pullback in August will be a disappointment for the industry.” Analysts said the industry will face “an uphill struggle to match last year’s (sales) performance.”

A Houston jury has decided that GM’s controversial ignition switches were not to blame for a fatal accident back in 2011. GM maintained the accident was caused by reckless driving on a rain slicked road. A family was seeking more than $14.5 million.

Ford is offering a free app that will ease your search for a parking place in metropolitan areas. It will display available slots as you leave home and you can reserve a spot where applicable and pay for that parking on your smart phone. See more at:

Volkswagen said it has reached an agreement in principle to compensate its dealers in the U.S. for losses incurred in the diesel engine scandal. But many details remain to be worked out in ongoing negotiations that VW hopes to conclude by the end of September.

Police in Tyler, Texas are searching for the thieves who stole the tires and wheels off 48 new vehicles at the local Chevy dealer. The loss was estimated at about $250,000. The vehicles were left up on blocks.






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