Auto News for Aug. 16 – 14 seconds to green!

Ever wonder how long you will have to sit at a red light? Audi will introduce a gadget this fall that will tell you exactly that. It would receive a signal from a city’s advanced traffic management system for the info. Drivers can view the red light countdown on the instrument cluster as well as the head-up display.

In videotaped testimony played at a Texas trial, GM CEO Mary Barra said engineers misdiagnosed ignition switch problems as a consumer satisfaction issue and not a safety issue, according to the Detroit News. Her testimony was played in the case of a Houston family that claims the defective switches caused an accident that claimed the life of a 19-year-old. GM claims the switch played no role in the crash. Classifying the switch defect as a consumer satisfaction problem, meant that GM did not have to report the issue to the public and regulators, the News said.

The very first Camaro built – a pre-production prototype – will be added to the National Historic Vehicle Register. VIN number N00001 was restored by Corey Lawson and his son of Kansas. It will take part in the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. The 1967 model hit showrooms in the fall of 1966.

VW was the top seller in China in July and for the first seven months of the year, taking the spot from GM, according to Automotive News.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has topped a J.D. Power rating in a study of dealer financing satisfaction. It is the second consecutive year MB has topped the study. It measures dealer satisfaction with auto financing providers for both wholesale and retail products.



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