Auto News for Aug. 8 – A Arrinera Hussarya?

Auto News for Aug. 8

A morning of this, that, and a bunch of the other things!

Kia reports sales of its Certified Preowned vehicles set a record in July, up 20.6 percent from a year earlier. The July record follows a similar success in June and comes at a time when analysts are predicting an upsurge in used car sales from consumers looking for cheaper prices.

Renault has overtaken Ford to become the second best- selling brand in Europe thanks to the introduction of two new SUV/crossover models. Despite the emissions scandal, VW remains Europe’s top selling car maker. Renault is aiming to take over the top spot by 2017.

Mercedes sales rose 9.4 percent globally in July with demand on the upside in all three of the firm’s key regions, including North America. The news follows on the heels of a report that the three pointed star posted its best first half year in its history.

How do your thoughts match up against these?

Q1. When buying a car, what is most important to you?

Female: Sale price, followed by fuel efficiency

Male: Sale price, followed by look and style

Qu2. When buying a vehicle, which step are you least comfortable with?

Female: Physically inspecting the vehicle

Male: Negotiating the price

Qu3. How would you rate your driving ability?

47.8% of female respondents described themselves as “good” compared to 60.7% of male respondents. 47.8% of women said they were “competent” compared to 36.1% of men.

The results of a survey conducted by a British firm, My Car Check of over 500 of its customers. “Women are most concerned with fuel efficiency, a significant ongoing cost of ownership, while men are more concerned with image, the ‘what will my mates think,’” said the Head of My Car Check, Roger Powell.

One wonders where they get car names. Subaru offers a model overseas called the “Levorg” which strikes me as a perfect name to show up on “Star Trek.”

Polish super car

And while I am out on a limb this morning, let’s close with a picture of the Arrinera Hussarya, just because you probably won’t find it anywhere else. It is the first super car/race car to be produced by Polish automotive manufacturer Arrinera Automotive. The name, according to Wikipedia, comes from Poland’s Hussar cavalry said to be invincible for over a century. Wiki also reports the company has been having money problems. But it is fast, with a 0-62 claim of 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 217.5 mph, fast enough to outrun creditors I would think.






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