Auto News for Aug. 5 – Wild Electric From Nissan in Rio


Nissan is into the Olympics, displaying in Rio a working prototype of its futuristic BladeGlider, a zero emissions high performance sports car. It is 100 percent electric with two 130kW electric motors, one for each rear wheel. Nissan claims a 0-62 mph run of less than five seconds with a top speed of 115 mph. Power is supplied by a high performance five module lithium-ion 220kW battery. Inside, wheel-mounted controls for BladeGlider’s systems feed into an advanced display showing speed, state of battery charge, regeneration mode and torque map. Flanking the central display are two screens, with the images of rear-view cameras mounted just behind the front wheels. An alternative to door-mounted mirrors, this dual screen design improves aerodynamic efficiency. The driver sits in arrowhead formation slightly in front of two passengers, who enjoy extended legroom. The view for all occupants is panoramic, thanks to the seamless cockpit windscreen.


Audi has made a lot of Q5 mid-size SUV’s – one million of them in fact. Number one million rolled off the assembly line in Ingolstadt, Germany, Thursday and will be delivered to a family in that country. The first Q5 was produced back in 2008.


The famed designer Harley Earl would be so proud that one of his creations has been named to the National Historic Vehicle Register. Only the 14th vehicle to enter the register, the Buick “Y-Job” concept predicted the design trends of the 1950’s and beyond. Yet it appeared in 1938.

Triple A reports the national average price for regular unleaded is $2.23 a gallon, which is four cent less than a week ago. That is also 15 cents less than a month ago, and down a rather significant 53 cents a gallon than one year ago.

Yet, 95 percent of those surveyed recently want automakers to keep improving fuel economy for cars and trucks and 79 percent want the government to keep increasing fuel efficiency standards. The poll was released by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

A new survey shows there will be more electric car charging stations than gas stations in the U.K. by the year 2020. It has lost more than 75 percent of petrol stations in four decades, while electric charging stations have gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years. The survey was conducted for Nissan.

JC Whitney is celebrating its 101st anniversary. The catalog remains a must for those who want to personalize their vehicles.





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