Auto News for July 20 – A Fly Fishing Bentayga

Fly fishing

Here’s an option for your new Bentley Bentayga that you probably never thought about. It is a complete fly fishing outfit featuring four rods stored in special tubes trimmed in Saddle leather with linen cross-stitching and located on the underside of the parcel shelf. A pair of nets in matching leather bags are stored in a carpet-trimmed hard pocket built into the side of the boot. At the heart of the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner are three individual, Saddle-leather-trimmed units: a master tackle station; a refreshment case; and waterproof wader-stowage trunk. The interior of the refreshment case is trimmed in linen leather, and contains up to three metal flasks and a set of Mulliner fine-china tableware, as well as a separate food storage compartment. With a quilted leather finish on top, it can also be removed entirely and used as additional seating. Price? It would be tacky to ask.


A tiny British all-electric car is claiming a new quarter mile record run of just 9.86 seconds, easily topping the old mark for that class of 10.25 seconds. Backers say the city car, now called the “Flux Capacitor,” packs the equivalent of 800 horsepower and can hit 113 mph in just 6 seconds. The car was originally built as an Enfield 8000, a brand I had never heard of, and sported just 8 horsepower. Now it burns rubber has you can see in the picture.

In Baltimore last night, a man playing Pokemon Go while driving his van crashed into another vehicle. And not just any vehicle, but a parked police car. Video from the scene shows the van driver emerging from his vehicle saying, “That’s what I get for playing this dumb a – – game.” Fortunately, there were no injuries and the officer was out of his cruiser at the time of the accident. Charges are pending against the van driver.

Okay, first of all you would never expect an automaker to announce a research agreement with a tequila maker. But that what Ford did. It will team with Jose Cuervo to determine if a waste product in the making of tequila can be used to produce bioplastics made from biomass as opposed to petroleum. The material may be used in vehicle interior and exterior components such as wiring harnesses or storage bins for example.

Three states, New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts have filed suit against Volkswagen over the diesel emissions scandal. They allege that top officials at the automaker were aware of the emissions cheating devices and that VW started working on them as far back as 1999. They said substantial penalties must be imposed on the Volkswagen companies, above and beyond the amount they have to pay to make American consumers whole. VW recently agreed to a $14.7 billion settlement with regulators and owners here in the U.S.

VW said it was regrettable that some states have decided to sue for environmental claims now, calling those claims “nothing new” and matters that the company has been addressing with federal and state authorities.











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