Auto News for July 15 – CR Questions Tesla’s Autopilot

Consumer Reports is calling on Tesla to disable the automatic steering function in its Autopilot feature and change the name “because it promotes a potentially dangerous assumption that the Model S is capable of driving on its own.” It added that by marketing their feature as ‘Autopilot,’ Tesla “gives consumers a false sense of security …” Tesla should verify that the driver’s hands are to be kept on the wheel, CR said.

And the chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, John Thune, wants the automaker to appear and talk about a May 7 crash involving the Autopilot software.

Tesla responded that even with Autopilot, the driver is responsible for, and ultimately in control of the car. Further, it said the Autopilot feature had been switched off and was not the cause of a recent Model X crash in Pennsylvania.

For many months Jeep has been a major contributor to the old bottom line at Fiat Chrysler. Now it is investing $1 billion and adding 1,000 jobs at two Midwest Jeep assembly plants. One will produce the much anticipated next generation Jeep Wrangler.

It is being called “an astounding collection of cars”, the 38th annual Concours d’Elegance of America being held this weekend in Plymouth, Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports the show will feature more than 300 vehicles and a 1929 Duesenberg will be auctioned off. It is expected to raise more than $1 million for a local college. A touch different for this type of show – some 1950 camper trucks will be on display. I wonder who many will have “I like Ike” bumper stickers.


Subaru is holding the line on pricing for the 2017 BRZ, with a starting price of $25,495, up just $100 from the previous year. Suby is promising improved handling, increased performance and new convenience features. A new aluminum intake manifold will increase horsepower by five to 205 with 156 lb-ft of torque. The 2017 also gets a lower final drive ratio that will improve acceleration on manual transmission models.





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