Auto News for July 8


  Due to slow sales, Automotive News says Honda is dropping the CR-Z hybrid. Production in Japan will end in five months and output here in the states is already over.

VW will pay California $86 million in civil penalties related to the diesel emissions scandal. The state said this is the largest amount of among it has recovered from an automaker. Some of the money will be used to pay the state’s legal costs, while the rest will be used for vehicle emission research, to create technology to detect defeat devices and to mitigate public health impacts from vehicle pollution. The $86 million is in addition to the $14.7 billion settlement the automaker reached with the federal government and other parties.

Ferrari has renewed its technical and racing agreement with Kimi Raikkonen. The driver line-up for the 2017 racing season will still consist of the Finnish driver and Sebastian Vettel.

You can easily imagine what happens when the hot Ford F-150 Raptor is set loose in the Great American Desert. But imagine no more, here is where you can see the truck in action.



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