Auto News for June 16 – Best Day of the Year to Buy a Used Car.

You probably were not thinking about buying a used car last Black Friday, but a new survey concludes it is the best day of the entire year to make that move. If that doesn’t work with your schedule think about making the purchase on Veterans Day, Thanksgiving or Columbus Day according to the car buying site They really did their homework on this one looking at about 40 million car sales over a two year period. The worst time to haggle a deal on a used vehicle? The Fourth of July and on Mother’s Day.

Despite overwhelming evidence proving the perils of distracted driving, the latest poll from PEMCO Insurance reveals that nearly half of Northwest drivers admit they illegally use their phones while driving – and a majority do it because they don’t think it’s “too dangerous.” What’s more, the worst offenders appear to be parents. In a recent survey of Washington and Oregon residents, PEMCO found 46 percent admit to using their phone to talk or text while driving, at least on a few trips, when they know it’s against the law. Some say they do it because they don’t think they’ll get caught.

The 2017 Ford Raptor will debut soon and it will carry some tires specifically designed for the high performance off-road pickup. The all-terrain BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tires are said to “significantly” improve both on and off-road performance. Ford said hundreds of hours were spent using computer simulations to predict how the tires would react in real-world driving situations.

And did you know that by one estimate the Global 4WD Transfer Case Actuator Market will have an estimated worth of $611.4 million by the year 2021? Ahh, the stuff you learn my reading this column.



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