Auto News for June 15 – What Brands do Dealer’s Like to do Business With?


Lexus, Toyota and Subaru came out on top in a survey that measured the best relationships between automakers and dealers. Honda, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes, Kia, Jeep and Audi rounded out the top ten. Lexus has held the top overall spot for the past three years in the National Automobile Dealers survey. Among other things, it measures consideration of dealer input on product, quality concerns and ad programs.

Tesla will promote its Model X in a Nordstrom’s store in a fashionable L-A shopping mall through the end of the year. Interested parties will be able to get information on the SUV and take a test ride with a Tesla driver. If successful, the program may be expanded.

Ontario’s Premier will announce today grants worth about $62 million from the government to Fiat Chrysler to spur investment in the province, according to the Detroit News. It will reportedly create about 1,200 jobs at a plant in Windsor and secure the 4,000 jobs already there. The plant produces the new Pacifica minivan.


Honda launched the 2017 Accord Hybrid this morning that will feature a two motor powertrain along with a gas engine. Peak system output comes to 212 horsepower with EPA fuel economy ratings of 48 mpg overall. The starting price will be $29,605. It will come with “Honda Sensing,” the brand’s package of safety features. Various drive modes will allow the Hybrid to operate in all-electric mode for short distances, or with the electric motors and the gas engine powering the front or rear wheels depending on the mode selected.

And this has nothing to do with cars or trucks, unless you drive one to breakfast. Yet I wanted to mention that thanks to favorable weather and more people getting into the business, Vermont and Canadian makers boiled a record amount of maple syrup this year. Some 4.2 million gallons, the most since 1912 when record keeping began.






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