Auto News for June 13 – Flying Cars Are Back!

Oh, not that again! Motor Trend’s web site has a story from Bloomberg on two companies that are working on flying cars. Older readers might remember magazine covers in the 50’s and 60’s that said we would all be flying to work decades ago. If you are ready to apply for your pilot’s license, check with

U.S. automakers have to be happy with the news that auto sales in China rose 11.3 percent in May and are up nearly 8 percent for the year. GM and Ford are hoping the trend continues after China sales fell sharply last year. In May, GM sales rose 17 percent while Ford sales were off slightly in May, but up 5 percent for the year. And just like the U.S., the gain was sparked by demand for SUV’s.

GM will beef up its development work on self-driving and alternative fuel vehicles by adding more than 700 engineering jobs in Ontario, Canada. It will also open a software development center in Markam, Ontario and beef up its cold weather testing facility in the province. “We selected Canada for this expansion because of its clear capacity for innovation, proven talent and strong ecosystem of great universities, startups and innovative suppliers,” said Mark Reuss, GM’s head of global product development, purchasing and supply chain.

Toyota said its new facility in Plano, Texas will get 25 percent of its power from the sun. And when it moves into its new North American HQ next year, it will mark the event with a “Catch a Ray” observance.

Johnson Controls will invest $245 million over the next four years to double production of its Absorbent Glass Mat batteries for cars and trucks. The batteries are said to offer improved starting power even at low states of charge and reliability in harsh weather and extreme conditions with up to two times the life of standard lead acid batteries.

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