Auto News for June 10 – New Off-Off Roader Coming.


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4² (European model shown)

If you absolutely have to get somewhere regardless of weather or terrain, here’s a new way to do it. Mercedes has confirmed that its G550 4×4 wild child off-roader will be sold here in the U.S. early next year. It is said to be the “most capable” G-Class ever with innovative portal axles, three locking differentials, a ground clearance of more than 17” and a 4.0 liter Biturbo V8. Unlike a conventional axle, the portal axles found on the 4×4 allow for axle input and the wheel center to be two drastically different heights. By utilizing a series of gears similar to those found in a transmission, power is transferred from the G-Class’ rigid axles downward to the wheel hub. It will have a fording depth of 39.4 inches. The Biturbo V8 is rated at 416 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. It will be hitched to a seven speed automatic.

Tesla said there is no safety defect in the suspension of its Model S sedan after reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was looking into a potential suspension issue. The issue first appeared in the Daily Kanban blog, a privately run forum for Tesla owners. It said Tesla wanted a customer to sign a document preventing him from talking with the NHTSA. Tesla called that “preposterous.” NHTSA said it is looking into potential suspension problems and is seeking input from owners. After the review, the agency will decide whether to open a more formal investigation.

Tesla announced it will offer a lower cost model of the S sedan, starting at $66,000, down from the current Model S 90D that begins at $89,500.

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Ralph Nadar will be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame, according to Automotive News. Other inductees include Roy Lunn, the godfather of the Ford GT40 and Bertha Benz, wife and business partner of Carl Benz, who is considered the inventor of the automobile. Induction ceremonies will be held July 21 in Detroit’s Cobo Hall.

Four historic trucks will appear on the Postal Service’s Forever stamps later this year. They are the 1938 International Harvester D-2, the 1948 Ford F-1, 1965 Ford F-100 and the 1953 Chevrolet pickup. The stamps will make their debut at an auto show in Syracuse, New York, on July 15th.



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