Auto News for June 6 – A Ban On Gas Powered Cars?


Imagine an entire country banning the sale of gasoline powered vehicles by the year 2025! A business newspaper reports Norway’s major political parties have agreed on such a ban in what is already one of the greenest of green countries. But other reports indicate that not all of Norway’s political parties are ready to endorse the idea without some changes. And here is an interesting twist – Norway is one of the world’s primary oil exporting countries. Passage would mean that only electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars could be sold in a land where electric cars account for 24 percent of all vehicles sold. That compares to a less than one percent market share here in the U.S. Norway’s capital, Oslo, may remove private cars entirely by 2019 to reduce exhaust emissions in the city.

And the Norwegians may not be alone. Various reports say India and the Netherlands are also considering a ban on petrol powered cars. Even the possibility of such action has car makers taking a harder look at their future green car offerings.

No surprise that Elon Musk was quick to praise the possible Norwegian action.  “Just heard that Norway will ban sales of fuel cars by 2025. You guys Rock,” said Musk on Twitter.

All this raises questions in this writer’s mind about which U.S. state will be the first to propose such a ban if that is legal. California? It makes sense.

As the range of electric cars continues to increase with improved technology, my bet, my rather strong bet, is that we will see all electric cars become the norm on North American roads of the future, well ahead of self-driving cars.

Hatchbacks may yet catch on here in the U.S. market according to a new study from IHS Automotive. It believes hatches will see a 37 percent growth rate over the next four years. And manufacturers will be ready with Honda offering a hatchback version of the new Civic and Chevy producing a hatch on the back of the Cruze. Believers think consumers will want more storage without moving into a crossover or SUV. That is especially true in Europe where hatchbacks make up 37 percent of sales compared to less than one percent here.

If you are going to hold one of the world’s most exclusive classic car shows you might has well do it at Windsor Castle in the UK. Highlights of this year’s show, which will also celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, will include a 1900 Daimler 6 horsepower that is owned by her majesty and a 1966 Radford Mini de Ville GT once owned by George Harrison. Also the only Ferrari Testarossa Spider and an ultra-rare 2016 Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder. The “Concours of Elegance” will be held at the castle in early September.

Audi’s 2017 A4 model has received the highest safety rating offered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That would be the Top Safety Pick + and a “superior” rating for front crash prevention.

What is it like to take the Ford GT out on a track for the first time? The outcome might surprise you in this video:–chapter-3-in-the-ford-gt-documentary-series.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=forddriveone&utm_content=2&utm_campaign=20160523_gtdoc3_nocountdown&source=20160523_gtdoc3_nocountdown



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