Auto News for June 3 – New Audi


It was a world premiere. Audi introduced the upgraded A5 coupe that to casual observers may not look a whole lot different from the current offering. Details on the U.S. model were scarce but we do know power will increase by about 20 percent. It will go on sale here in the states early next year as a 2018 model. The sporty S5 may offer the 354 horsepower 3.0-liter V6 and trannys may include a 7 speed dual clutch automatic, a 6 speed manual or an 8-speed automatic in the S5.

The number of cars recalled due to faulty Takata air bag inflators now totals 4.4 million here in the U.S. GM is preliminarily recalling 1.9 million full size trucks and sport utility vehicles from model years 2007. It is trying to convince the National Highway Safety Administration that the bags in those vehicles are safe and won’t show the type of propellant degradation that would cause the inflator to malfunction. NHTSA, thus far, is backing the recall according to the Detroit News.

Who was that actress who famously said, “I vont to be alone?” Apparently most of us feel the same way. A new Census Bureau report said only 9.4 percent of workers car pooled in 2013, and that is an all-time low. At least part of the reason is young urban workers who bike to work or used public transportation.

A new Temkin survey shows customers rate National, Enterprise and Alamo as the best car rental firms. Yet overall, ratings for the rental industry declined in this year’s survey. Dollar received the lowest score in the industry where it has been in four of the past five years. Thrifty and Advantage received poor ratings, Temkin said.





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