Auto News for May 19

  So what happened to Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond after they were ousted from Top Gear? They moved to Amazon Prime streaming and just confirmed their new show will debut in the fall and be called “The Grand Tour” according to “Car” magazine. Each program will originate from a different country, hence the name. Top Gear, with hosts Chris Evans and Matt Leblanc among others, will debut on the BBC May 29th.


Cadillac has ended production of its electric ELR model due to slow sales. Caddy will produce a plug-in version of the CT6 sedan later this year.

Tesla Model 3

 Tesla will make a $2 billion stock offering to help fund its ambitious production schedule and to bring the new, and lower cost, Model 3 to market. The company said customers cut about 8,000 orders for the Model 3 and Tesla eliminated another 4,200 orders saying that were most likely duplicates. That leaves about 373,000 orders.

 I missed the birthday celebration but do want to mention that ACDelco is now 100 years old. It was founded in May of 1916 by William C. “Buddy” Durant to provide a single source for service and replacement parts to the growing number of car buyers. The brand flew over the Atlantic with Charles Lindberg, on the race track with Dale Earnhardt and into out space on Apollo moon missions.

 The carbon-fibered-bodied Ford GT will also offer carbon fiber wheels. But it is not the first. Carbon fiber wheels were also featured on the 2015 Shelby GT350R Mustang. On the GT they will be offered in either matte or a glossy clear coat. Of course, the big advantage is weight saving.



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